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2622 STARTER FOR 30-60 SIZE HELICOPTER (2622) 2622
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by Tech Support Date Added: Sunday 17 May, 2009

Hi, this starter does not come with any batteries in stock format, the manufacturer recommended 1800 mah 7.2 V batteries, we have found that the RCT0015 batteries which are cheap chinese batteries, are not able to put out as much current as the 2622 likes to have, but still is cheap solution for begineer. A better battery which we are using cost more and gives a lot of satisfaction, RCT0314, it cost about 3 times more and works well. Because RCT0314 is a NiMh hybrid pack, it does not suffer from power losses of the NiCd when not in use or in storage so it is a better battery overall.

We will try to bring in a Sanyo pack version of the RCT0015 which will be able to meet the average ciustomers balance of cost and perfomance.

Overall if you buy cheap do not expect the perfomance of a premium proced product, it is not the starter\'s fault but in the customers choice of batteries.

It is not recommened to use a 7.4 2S lipo cell with this starter as while you may have a lot of power, the starter motor uses dc carbon brushes and they are not made to stand up to the high current lipos can give out. In the end you will burn out the brushes and the starter is dead.

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