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Ball Link Sizer Tool-Blue (RCT0291-BL) RCT0291-BL
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Used to size the holes in the ball link.

Suitable for sizes 4.75 to 4.8 mm ball links. Improves the fit of the ball links on your linkages so that you can have a smooth and unrestricted movement on your linkages and servos.


1) Remove the protective fuel tubing on the ball link sizer tool. Becareful as the tools cutting edge is sharp, place the fuel tubing back on the cutting tool after use to protect the cutting edge.
2) Push the plastic ball link end you wish to resize on the tool and turn in a anti clockwise direction to trim out the size to 4.75 mm
3) You can use your fingers or a plier to slightly squeeze the ball link to get a slightly deeper cut to suit the size of you linkage balls.  

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